Welcome to Biggs Group.

Building A Brighter Future.


We’re Different And Proudly So.

In a world full of parity and market clutter, we’ve found three simple values set us apart. 

Integrity. Vision. Kindness.

For six decades that’s how we’ve approached every client, every opportunity , every day.

Integrity guides us; in every decision we make, we seek to be fair, trustworthy, and honorable. 

Vision drives us; we believe we can make the world - neighborhoods, communities, cities, and regions - a better place than we found it. 

Kindness inspires us; for us, it’s not about apartments, houses, residences.  It’s about home, a place to feel safe, valued, and dignified. 

So yes, we manage. We develop. We innovate and we grow. And we build - we’re always building. That’s the Biggs impact can have on this world, and it’s extraordinary. 

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Building Community.

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